Contemplating an RV vacation? If you’ve never experienced a trip in an RV before, you might be wondering if this niche style of vacation is for you. The truth is, that anyone can enjoy an RV vacation, whether you want to explore the open road with a close group of friends, you want to visit a particular campsite with your family in tow, or you and your partner want to go back to basics and try something a little different, an RV vacation has something for everyone and what's more, these kinds of trips can be completely tailored to your wants and needs.

Maybe you want to visit a particular lake, or you want to park under the stars and immerse yourself within nature, perhaps you want to make camp at a family-friendly site and then spend your vacation visiting urban attractions and making family memories. From these reasons alone, it’s easy to see why more people than ever before are hitting the open road!

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at some other amazing reasons to take an RV vacation.

You’ll get peace of mind

When we take a traditional vacation, we take out medical and travel insurance to protect ourselves should anything go wrong. Well, the same applies to any RV vacation. Newfoundland Labrador RV insurance is the perfect place to start for anyone considering an RV vacation. Whether you’re cruising along the highway or snaking your way along mountainous roads, knowing your entire adventure is covered by a comprehensive insurance policy will give you total peace of mind.

With this RV insurance you can expect protection for your class A, B or C motorhome, with your personal effects covered, an emergency lockout service, towing and flat tire service, emergency roadside and driver assistance and more. Don’t hit the road without it.

It’s perfect for social distancing

With many restrictions still in place, and many hotel and holiday options limited, vacationing in an RV is the perfect solution. You can still travel and enjoy all the fun and excitement of a vacation, without coming into close contact with others. You can eat, use the bathroom and sleep within the confines of your own space, ensuring cleanliness and good health at every stage of your trip.

It’s much cheaper!

Essentially, taking an RV vacation is much cheaper than a traditional holiday. Especially if you take additional cost-effective steps such as booking campsites in advance, travelling off-peak, and planning all your meals in advance. Compare travelling in an RV with the overnight cost of a hotel, plus flights and everything else you need to enjoy a traditional vacation, travelling by RV is certainly worth experiencing.

And finally…

It brings you together

There’s something about experiencing the open road with friends or family by your side that feels much more genuine than a traditional holiday. You’ll be living in close proximity and creating all these amazing memories together that’ll last a lifetime.

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