OK guys, here I am making my video debut. I’m going to warm you it’s a little rough around the edges and it’s going to take some time before my videos are polished and high quality, but in the long run I’ll be able to go over more charts, graphs, and share my thoughts on the market a lot more efficiently.

I wasn’t even planning on making a video today but Merc asked me which online broker I believe to be the best, and I decided that this would be a good chance to play around with Camtasia and share my thoughts instead of typing it all out. I’m finding that typing isn’t that appealing to me and video is the wave of the future. I can’t make any promises how often I’ll do these, but I have some interesting things that I want to do in the coming months.

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I realize that it has some auto focus problems and that it’s a little difficult to see, but like I said, I’ve used this software for all of 15 minutes prior to this. All things considered it’s pretty good and I think the ideas that I cover in it will get across.

What your going to find in this video are the following.

  • Reasons why I have used Ameritrade for 10+ years
  • Introductory tour of my favorite tool, Strategy Desk.

And then finally I’d like to ask readers of Zentrader to share the content that they find valuable to their social networks. I realize I wasn’t making it easy by not providing the links but I’ve fixed that below as there are plenty of networks below to share this content. It would be greatly appreciated and the more readers the more easier it will be to expand this blog.

4 Responses to “Why Ameritrade is My Online Broker”

  1. Yarnman Says:


  2. Merc Says:

    Thanks, Jeff. Very helpful indeed. And a decent first video, too!

    I had wondered if a good online broker would make Stockcharts redundant but I see you still use it. So even with all the customizable bells and whistles of TD Ameritrade, stockcharts still has its place.

    I hope you do more videos in the future. Not that I would want to replace a pithy blog post but they can be a nice complement. The trouble with videos is that you need sound and that means you can’t be listening to anything or anyone else. Undivided attention in other words. Blog posts can be digested faster.

    Anyway, I appreciate your efforts here.


  3. mark marino Says:

    Nice video –
    Love Strategy Desk also –
    you were totally correct with your caveat about getting lost in it as once you start to write scans the possibilities are endless – thx – mm

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