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The following is an excerpt from Astrology Trader’s July 28th‘s premium report when we initiated coverage on shipping stock – FRO. We offer a free 2 wk trial, no cc required if you’re interested to see what our latest stock recommendations are. Recent winners can be seen here where we started keep track of profits/loss since June.

***New Stock*** FRO (Frontline Ltd.)

Here is an updated chart reflected yesterday’s big move. This looks to be the start of the next up-leg as fellow shipping stock DSX also had a big day, up 7%.

Karen’s thoughts:

Jeff asked me to add some additional thoughts for this article since we covered it in our recent webinar.  As I mentioned in the webinar, this stock, like many that trade real high and then crash into the single digits, such as SIRI for example, reach a point in their life (astrologically speaking) where the harsh aspects showing a very negative trend run their course and then switch into a transformational phase, and then become bullish.  This depends, of course, if they survive the downturn and are not acquired, or go out of business.

The real key is when several very positive aspect setups, along with bullish patterns, all occur at the same time following the downturn.  This is happening for Frontline Ltd. right now.  The combination of the grand trine with Neptune (rules oil)/Saturn(the leader in business)/Jupiter(rules international shipping) and Uranus conjoin the IPO Moon (rules the ocean and shipping) trine the IPO Mars suggests the company is shifting quickly.   Frontline may be turning the corner in a very big way as the north node has completed its 18 1/2 year cycle, rising on the Midheaven, indicating a new prestige and status for the company is emerging.


From July 28th update.

Jeff noticed a shift last week in the ocean freighter sector.  He has honed in on Frontline Ltd., the worlds largest supertanker fleet, as the stock with the strongest technical chart.  However, there is no news as to why the stock has moved so suddenly in the last week .  There is some speculation that the unrest in Egypt could impact the very high traffic shipping route through the Suez Canal.  If transport through the canal is restricted there could be increased delivery times for ships to go all the way around Africa, adding to the cost to ship oil.

Reviewing the astrology for both the IPO and incorporation chart reveals the potential for Frontline to turn the corner and see some very strong growth going forward.  The grand water trine with Neptune (rules the ocean and oil shipping), Saturn and Jupiter is very fortuitous in the IPO chart (the grand water trine could likely be very bullish for the entire sector going forward).  At the same time Uranus is in a grand trine to the IPO Mars and incorporation Pluto.  The combination suggests institutional investors are likely acquiring stock in the company.  We could see an additional pullback early next week where Jeff’s target could get met near $2.50.  The stock could be very bullish mid August.

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