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The Markets

The bounce in the markets Friday erased much of the pullback from the day before where I was expecting more selling pressure.  Mid November will bring a combination of transits that are, in my view, very bullish.  The exact square with Pluto and Uranus has a history of creating political conflicts that in the past resulted in “fear” in the markets.  I am not seeing that type of reaction in the near future, and as I have been suggesting– we will likely have a very bullish stock market into next Spring.

The mutual reception of Pluto and Saturn has proved to be very supportive for the auto industry.  Auto sales have been very strong in 2013 and will likely continue.  The transit along with Uranus in Aries (Mars rules Aries and sports cars- while Uranus rules technology) suggests a new era of innovative auto manufacturing that will carry far into the future.  We are currently holding Quantum Fuel Technologies (QTWW) and Kandi Technologies (KNDI),  both companies represent new innovations for the auto sector.  Tesla Motors has made a phenomenal move this year while bringing new sophisticated auto designs to the streets catered to the affluent auto enthusiast.  We added Tesla Motors (TSLA) to our trade alert last week, as the recent pullback is bringing the stock to a technical area that Jeff likes.  This week I am adding some astrology analysis for Tesla as this trend is likely here to stay and Tesla will likely be the leader.


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