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The following is from Sunday premium report published on May 12th by Astrology Traders, which uses astrology to forecast events in the financial markets. Jeff Pierce adds in the technical picture for the stocks and sectors in focus. If you’d like to sign up for their free newsletter to be notified of upcoming webinars you can do so here.

We could again see a shift in the bond market on May 20th that will in my view be a warning of what is to come on June 20, 2014.  The speculation that the Fed will end its QE and bond buying program in 2014 could be the signal that the top in the bond market will be near June 20th next year.  We have been trading TBT with a very accurate strategy since the beginning of the year and we may again have another opportunity for a long position in the near future.  On January 9th we issued a trade alert for a long position near $65.  We followed up on February 24th with a recommendation to trim profits near $69 and advised there could be a pullback March 11th-March 27th.  On March 10th we reminded subscribers to close the remaining position with the impressive move to $69.42.  Looking back our trade target was within .42 cents of the high and the pullback materialized exactly on our target date of March 11th

Near June 12th-15th there could be news that money is flowing out of bonds and into the markets.  Watch for a pullback to near $61.40 to add a long position on TBT (ProShares Ultra short Treasuries)



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