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The following is from Sunday premium report published on May 27th by Astrology Traders. Below that chart is an updated KKD chart showing today’s explosive earnings move. You have everything to gain as you access our stock pics as we offer 2 free weeks (no cc required) to sample our work.

Krispy Kreme has the benefit of the north node at 3 degrees Pisces trine the U.S. Venus at 3 degrees Cancer (comfort food).  The combination shows the potential for the American public to enjoy the traditional Krispy Kreme secret recipe.  The transit of Neptune in conjunction to the north node and trine the U.S. Venus is very advantageous.  At the same time Pluto will begin to trine the IPO Jupiter(big profits) in Taurus (sweets) and suggests profits could be on the rise.  The recent pullback and consolidation could provide a trade opportunity.  Jeff likes a long position near $12 and to consider adding if the stock pulls back further.




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