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Portfolio P&L – here are our recent picks with entries/exits and profits/loss. (Not including open positions)

Our model portfolio continues to show gains along with the major indexes.  At the end of last week the Nasdaq issued a buy signal along with a minor pullback.  This means the bullish trend is very strong and the markets will likely move much higher.  Last week the grand trine with Neptune/Saturn/Jupiter tightened to an exact degree on July 17th.  Transiting Jupiter is moving to an exact conjunction to the US Jupiter (stocks) while the influence from the grand trine comes down from the heavens.  The influence of this aspect could be why the markets have remained so bullish while the city of Detroit is falling into bankruptcy.  Mercury has moved direct on July 20th while inconjunct (150 degree angle, shaped like a boomerang) to the Federal Reserve Mercury in the 5th house of ‘the states or colonies,’ in this case Detroit, which is delivering, or returning like a boomerang, the karma of debt.  This influence can, and has in the past, created a ‘yank’ (sharp pullback).  This is also why I have highlighted the potential for a pullback into July 26th.

full_moonOn Monday July 22nd there is a full moon in perigee (closest to earth) at 0 degrees Aquarius.  Full moons in perigee have a more significant influence than full moons further out (called apogee).  The gravity of the moons weight pushing on earths atmosphere has a greater influence on the emotional bodies of society and reflects (or magnifies) those energies for good or ill.  The moon is simply a giant reflector of mans creations in the earth.  A full moon in perigee is different than an eclipse of the moon (not as dire) where the moon is ruled by the darkness and night side of life, instead of reflecting the light of the sun.  The last full moon in Perigee was on June 23rd at 356,991 km from earth, and marked a turning point in the markets that was bullish.  On Monday the full moon is 359,169 km from earth, 2178 km further out from earth.  The influence of the moon could again bring a turn in the markets and I am cautious about the markets here with Mercury inconjunct in the Fed chart into July 26th.

I should also note that the full moon perigee/apogee cycle is shifting now where the succeeding full moons will progressively move further from earth until next Summer when in August 2014 the full moon will be at 356,898 km from earth.

Overall, we are very bullish and see these potential pullbacks as opportunities to buy new long positions.  We have been searching for stocks that meet our criteria for these buying opportunities.  This week we are adding two new stocks that look good technically and have favorable trends in the astrology.  Sign up to see which 2 stocks have been added.




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