The following post is by Karen Starich, who uses astrology to forecast events in the Stock Market.

Some readers have questioned or may be questioning  the legitimacy of my analysis here on Zentrader.  I think it’s a fair question.  Some may wonder if I am using TA to get my projections or formulated guesses based on the news.  The answer is neither.  Many times what I write is exactly opposite of what is in the news and as for TA  many times Jeff puts up a chart that is bearish and my next article details a breakout to the upside.  Jeff’s chart is the here and now and my analysis is the date I see a change.  Jeff and I regularly discuss the charts comparing what we both see however our approach is very independent.  I will give some examples in a moment.

First I want to share a little bit about the process.  I look ahead to transits that are coming in the future and I make an analysis, taking into consideration the history and evolution of our current society, and apply a technique given to me by my personal mentor’s.  Most of what I do cannot be found in a text book.  I also want to share that many of my articles take hours to formulate combining astrology, the history, and of course current events to some extent.  For me astrology is a sport and with any sport it takes dedication and hard work to be good.  As a former competitive downhill ski racer I am fully aware of what a wipe out feels like and do not intend to do it here on Zentrader.   I am not immune to errors however, and take every opportunity to sharpen my skills.

Many of my articles contain analysis that could only be known on inside information.  I have no special connections and my recent article on rare earth restrictions is an example of that.  On June 13, 2011 I wrote an article on Zentrader detailing the rare earth opportunity when at the time the media were calling it a bubble.  On June 19th I wrote again about rare earth and the potential for news regarding the possibility of more restrictions coming out of China July 11th-13th.  Just as I predicted Reuters reported on July 9th that WTO commissioner  Karel De Gucht would be traveling to China to discuss trade violations regarding rare earth the week of July 11th.  News of these events could not have been known to me when I wrote about the potential on June 19th.  My analysis of the astrology showed the outcome was not favorable for the U.S. and would lead to further increases that would be obvious in a spike up in rare earth shares July 19th – 25th.  Those events all happened exactly as I had described a month prior.  It would have been impossible to see those events in a TA chart or the media.

I recently wrote an article about Boeing describing new contracts and possible revisions beginning August 26th and the possibility of the company being taken over next year.  Boeing did receive a new contract on the 26th with initial news that portrayed an  upswing for the company.  However just this week  some analysts are now downgrading the company from buy to neutral.  Again my  analysis was opposite of the initial news reporting.  Regarding Boeing’s future we will just have to let things play out to decide if I am accurate here.

I welcome any questions regarding my analysis and hope to continue bringing my insights here to Zentrader for a very long time to come.

Karen Starich


6 Responses to “Is Astrology Bunk?”

  1. Matt Says:

    I’m sorry, I do read all of your articles but I just can’t lend any legitimacy to looking up to the sky for answers to the stock market.

  2. jeff pierce Says:

    It’s fine Matt – we all have our own methods and that’s what makes a market. Nobody is trying to force a particular trading style and it’s my goal to offer a variety of insights so that we all may profit. Thx for reading.

  3. rajesh Says:

    i am a firm believer in astrology and personally feel it works in almost all aspects of our lives and future..

  4. Dave Says:

    It was explained to me that since the Sun, the Moon, and other planetary forces can change tides, then it is conceivable that they can also influence people, such as their mood, since our bodies are 50-60% water. The term “mood” can refer to anything what a person is thinking, including investment decision making. Thus, given the billions of people investing in world stock markets, any slight planetary influences (full moons, planetary alignments, solar eclipses,) can change moods (investment decisions), and when taken in toto, move markets. It is through history that people have learned that certain planets influence particular thinking.

  5. Drex Says:


    Once upon a time nearly everyone said the same exact thing about looking at charts & technical analysis….

  6. karen starich Says:

    I started writing on in May 2009. I got a lot of sneers at first. After a couple of years those who mocked me were some of my most loyal followers.

    Events are going to start moving much faster as we approach 2012. I have a lot to write about here and won’t have time to be debating astrology. Hopefully I have addressed the issue in this article and it’s time to get back to business.

    Regards, Karen

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