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Mercury is certainly living up to it’s trickster reputation during this retrograde cycle.  It appears the President is not immune from Mercury’s antics as he has signed off on the “sequester” budget cuts after vowing to veto them.   The issue of sequestration and budget cuts could be a distraction from a much bigger problem facing our nation in the near future.  Next week the markets may not seem too volatile, however, I would not put too much faith in a sustained move in the markets here for the short term as Mercury has a way of upsetting the apple cart during retrogrades.

Mercury in Pisces brings sensitivity (intuition) and a desire to be “out of it all” which is interesting because several billionaires (Buffet, Paulson and Soros) are dumping bank stocks and other U.S. companies recently.  The theme with Mercury REtrograde in Pisces is – REinvent new measures to REdeploy capital in secret– ie. more shadow banking.  The emphasis on the RE here is to stress the retrograde and how it may be a warning to the return of risky banking practices and the threat of regulators who may be stepping in with unsettling requirements.

The problem could be a lack of capitol and the current position of the banks to use financial engineering (financial engineering = Jupiter conjoin the U.S. Uranus in Gemini 3/2-3/19) and a return to derivatives and credit default swaps to get around the Basil Committee on Banking(Jupiter=banking regulators) Supervision Rules (Saturn=rules).

Shaded areas indicate Mercury Retrograde


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