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Manitowoc is a manufacturer of Cranes for the construction industry and a manufacturer of equipment for the the food service industry.  Over the last several years the company has undergone restructuring to pay down it’s substantial debt load by selling off less profitable divisions.  In 2012 the company repaid 80 million in debt and currently has a debt load of 1.8 billion.  The Mercury retrograde in Pisces (Pisces rules the 12th house of business related debt restructuring)  suggests the company could be in the process of signing new contracts that will enable it to ‘inflate’ out of it’s current debt obligations.

The Stellium (multiple conjunction) of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Neptune in Pisces is very favorable for Manitowoc, and suggests new business contracts could be in the works.  Technically the chart looks ready to break out and we like to scale into a long position at current levels.  Consider also adding on a pullback.  I will caution that there could be abnormal trading (up or down) with this stock near March 26th.  The stock could move higher in April.

 At time of update


Today’s chart


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