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The following is from various excerpts from past updates by Astrology Traders which uses astrology to forecast events in the financial markets. Jeff Pierce adds in the technical picture for the stocks and sectors in focus.

At one point we position subscribers in FLSR, but opted to close that trade at $34 for nice proftis when it was lagging SPWR. In trading it always pays to trade the leader and at that time SPWR was the clear leader. Regardless, we did position subscribers in SPWR recently on any weakness below $10.75 and today’s move is very bullish for this sector going forward.

SPWR hit a high of $11.85 intraday and currently trades at $11.25 at time of posting this article.


From this past Sunday’s report (April 7th)

Sunpower overshot our target for a pullback near $10.75 which is very common with the solar stocks.  Jeff feels this stock got caught up in the general market weakness last week however the pullback  and close on Friday at $9.41 is not a threat to the overall strength of the positive earnings move in February.  we could see a very bullish move for this stock next week and I look at the pullback as an attempt to shake out the weaker positions.  Pluto conjoin the IPO Venus is in my view a sign that institutional investors are accumulating the stock.  At the same time Jupiter will make a grand trine to Neptune in the IPO chart and the South Node in the incorporation chart suggesting the trend for solar may re-emerge with viable new space technology and as an energy supplier. Continue to hold.

From (March 31st) Report

Sunpower did not quite pullback to our target near $10.75 as the low last week did not break below $11.  There is a 75% chance that was it and the stock will move higher, and a 25% chance the stock pulls back to near $10.70.  Consider adding on any weakness.

From (March 24th) Report

Pluto is transiting the first house of the IPO and will conjoin Venus throughout 2013.  In my view this stock is being accumulated by institutional investors and will continue to move higher.  In April there is a combination of trines between Uranus and Saturn (the business of solar) which could mean there is another bullish acceleration.  I continue to like a long position on a pullback near $10.75.

From (March 17th) Report

SunPower continues to consolidate and a pullback could materialize next week.  We have a target near $10.75 for a long position.

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