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The overall theme for 2012 will be set by the Planets Pluto and Uranus which will form a very rare exact square in the heavens in mid June of 2012.  The square aspect will continue into 2015 marking a very long period of sudden unexpected changes form political opposition groups (the underdogs) that will flip the game board of the international power elite and their new “global initiative.”  The outer planets, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto are what I call  “high voltage planets.”  They move very slowly (Pluto’s orbit is 240+ years)  making aspects that bring abrupt events to shock society and wake up the people from their unwary frame of mind.  Uranus is known as a wild card, as even a positive trine can be very disturbing when a sudden event comes out of left field, such as the MF Global bankruptcy, threatening to turn upside down the financial world and stock markets.   Although the initial event is upsetting it has thrown the power elite off balance which is good for the people and the opposition groups who will gain an edge for exposing corruption.

Pluto square Uranus in definition:  As circumstances of repression build from manipulative governmental forces wielding an iron fist, threatening to rob the people of a choice, counter factions emerge with a subtle and powerful force that threatens to turn the power elite inside out.  No country will be exempt as all by association are implicated and will be forced to vote or made to take a stand.  The event carries into 2015.

The last time Pluto and Uranus formed a square was in 1931 during the great depression.  During the depression Pluto was in Cancer (home and security) which at the time reflected the overall concerns of the people for their security.  Under the influence of Pluto in Cancer the United States passed the New Deal Legislation and the Social Security Act.  Pluto in Capricorn operates much differently.  Saturn rules Capricorn (big business, restrictive regulation, and gold),  when Pluto takes that sign it means secretive behind the scenes government activity that is much more like Nazism as opposed to government legislation designed to foster security.

We have a long way to go before we emerge into a more free and prosperous planet.  This theme in and of itself suggests the government is on a slow and methodical move to take over business, restrict society with new laws, and limit freedom.  Everyone on the planet will also need to make a choice.  Every person, regardless of position or status in society, can effect a change.  The spoken word, the sword is (s-word)- spoken word is very powerful, and that is prayer.  Prayer is not enough and every person needs to be financially and physically prepared.  Every person who makes a conscious effort to maintain the higher universal laws will change the outcome, regardless of the persons station in life.  Many souls presently embodied on earth have had previous lives in high positions, yet  in this life have chosen to remain behind the scenes in very simple circumstances.  No person should ever underestimate who they really are, or what they have the potential to do.

WWIII is a war of the people and their sovereignty.

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  1. dk Says:

    Love your perspective and interpretation. Happy New Year! I look forward to your good,bad,ugly,and beautiful perspective for 2012!

  2. Arthur G. Says:

    NAZI / COMMUNIST, they’re both socialist, equally secretive stiving toward their own agenda.

    Criticism dismissed with: “He’s an intellectual.”; “It’s all for the good of the party>“; “The answer must be politically correct.”; “It’s only ………over simplified single factor cause or result”.

    The American Civil War was fought to free the slaves! Indeed; well, then, if, say, the Confederate States abolished slavery December 15, 1862, the war would have ended December 16, 1862 ?? Or, do you suppose there was a little more to it than that ?

    Expect schmooze. The perps aren’t going gto own-up.

  3. Ben Says:

    Great work. Enjoy reading & following your work. Best wishes for 2012.

  4. No Tribe Says:

    Uranus in Aires, AND square Pluto in Capricorn, geocentric. That does sound like a major shake-up. A big transformation is going to be money going global. Think back to the late 80’s big conjunction there in that early part of Capricorn that Pluto is now at, where Uranus & Neptune, plus Saturn met. That started the internet path. We are on a path to global money. The Fed players want it to be along the lines of the old, and the reactionaries envision gold being the retro future, but the real revolution is going to be developing alternative credit paths outside the realm of the established bankers/govt’s. A global currency can’t be that far off.

  5. Karen Starich Says:

    Thank you

    I think the people are figuring out the war agendas and it won’t work anymore. Neptune in Pisces will weaken the war agenda.

    Thank you

    No Tribe
    I agree. Seems the continuation of all the prior Uranus/Pluto aspects keeps building. I think we could end up with swipe cards and all money will be electronic.

  6. Nirmal Kumar Says:

    I do agree with your vision of WWIII as i see the reports of USA blaming IRan for 9/11 and Iran is doing naval activities. China has got the idea of Drone and many more events. Euro depression will have cascading effects too financially and then these will spread like virus..

    Could you please share the dates with respect to stock market consequences.


  7. hans kloss Says:

    This blog is great. Very developing and inspiring.

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