I am pleased to announce that the doors are opening for founding members to Astrology Traders starting August 29th. I thought it was best to do a “soft launch” to give you a chance to lock in these introductory prices as I work out any kinks with the technology associated with a subscription service, but I didn’t want to wait any longer because there is so much going on from a macro level that I want to share with you.

Within the members only area you’ll receive analysis of potential sudden moves in the stock market, precious metals, and geopolitical changes before they happen – so you can position yourself ahead of the masses. It is also my intention to invite all of those who have subscribed to a twice monthly live chat with myself where you can further ask your specific questions you may have about what I’m seeing in the markets from an astrological perspective. These live chats should further educate you in what I do and help color in the blind-spots between my regular postings on zentrader, astrology traders, and when I respond to readers questions in the comments section.

Here is a chart of my Silver analysis highlighting some of my more significant calls since I’ve been a contributor here on zentrader in the precious metals sector. I’ve also been very active and bullish on rare earths and will go into more details in the service as to why you need to position yourself in this sector now.

Many traders have already benefited from my analysis and if you want more access to me then this is the service for you. When the market turns volatile I get many emails that I just don’t have the time to respond to in a timely manner and all subscribers will receive top priority.


Get the timing…Get the edge

Lock in these low prices now with a no risk, 30 day money back guarantee before they go up.

 Sign up now and get the September issue today!

Launch Price
3 month – $57


Annual  – $177



**Once you have subscribed you’ll be receiving a confimration email that will need to open so you will have access to the September issue. If you have any further questions I can be reached at karen@zentrader.ca

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  1. alston Says:

    How do you log on to your website. I have already subscribed. thank you.

  2. jeff pierce Says:

    Alston – you’ll be receiving a confirmation email shortly, please check your junk mail if you don’t see it in your inbox.

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