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The following is from Sunday premium report published on June 23rd by Astrology Traders.  Last week we started keeping a model portfolio for our astrology picks so you can clearly see how they are performing. Our goal is to bring more transparency to what we do. After all, performance is all that matters in trading. We do offer a free 2 wk trial, no cc required if you’d like to learn more about our stock picks.

Here is a screenshot of the stocks in our portfolio highlighting HIMX with the others blacked out, however you can see the entry price and profit/loss for day and since the position was entered to give you an idea how our portfolio is holding up during this downturn. All positions are based on a $10000 position size and it’s up to individual traders to determine how much they want to their position size to be based on their portfolio size.

HIMX (Himax Technologies Inc.)

4.23 Himax closed on Friday at $5.06 and could see additional selling pressure next week where Jeff’s target between $4.50 and $4.80 could get met.  I will caution traders going into mid July, and to consider scaling in, as I see more positive influences after July 14th.

4.26 Update: Today’s low was $4.76, which falls within our buy threshold. We actually chased it a little adding it yesterday at $4.83.





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