By Karen Starich

Astrology Traders – I’m Back!!
After a 3 plus year hiatus, I am back!  It was good to take a break and there was not much to really write about over the last few years, in terms of stock market volatility.  The astrology was not too extraordinary, and frankly, I was getting a bit bored with it.  I had a conversation a couple of years ago with a professional trader who asked, “when do you think the markets will correct”  I replied, not until 2020 when we have a rare solar eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer.  Leading up to 2020, I felt the bond market would remain strong, but the financials were weak and a troubled sector – I mean a mess.  Pluto in Capricorn over the years has brought inexorable pressure with a series of oppositions to natal planets in the USA chart. So, I have been watching…and waiting…and looking for the signs of my prediction and it has arrived.  Yes , I know there’s a virus, but the real illness is in the banking sector – it has been since 2008.
Before I get into 2020 and the year ahead, no I am not late to the game here, yes the markets corrected – we had a virus.  WARNING, the sh*t show is not over, and I will get to that!  First I want to remind, the red flag on the failing financials was evident in March 2019 when the yield curve inverted for the first time since 2007.  Then a Fed panic in the over night lending mid September – reminiscent of the Lehman collapse – that led to billions in unplanned QE.  There was clearly an economic dislocation prior to the Covid-19 crises.
The main astrological signature in 2020 is the Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.  As if the pressure was not enough with Pluto all these years, Jupiter and Saturn are now joining the party.  This trio in Capricorn is extremely rare.  My research brought me back to January 1285, that’s 735 years ago for these planets to get hung up together in Capricorn.  To add to the intrigue, the USA natal Pluto is 27 degrees Capricorn – all I can say is WOW!  On a side note, the Pluto return to the USA Natal Pluto happens on 2/22/2022, a very interesting date in more ways than one since February 22 is also George Washington’s birthday!

There is an epic battle of the Titans going on right now = Saturn conjoin Pluto.  When you add Jupiter you get a high stakes chess game where the winner will inherit the legacy, rearrange the riches,, redraw borders, and reshuffle power across the globe.  A Titan is someone with power and influence, and it needs to be on a large scale.  For example, Jeff Bezos would be considered a Maverick but not a Titan.  Joe Biden is neither, at the moment he seems to be a puppet. The Titans are Donald Trump and Bill Clinton.  Clinton is mostly operating within his cartel and seems to be losing his influence over the public.  Hillary Clinton never had it and this is probably why she married Bill.  She wanted to take the power and it did not work out for her.  My point is, a Titan is someone who came into embodiment with the soul evolution to be a Titan – a demi-god – untouchable.  This is important to note because this is an epic time on the planet, we are a part of it, and these Titans are here to change the direction, for good or evil, far into the future.  Bill Clinton was FDR, his legacy is the New Deal, financial reforms, Yalta and redrawing the European borders, handing Europe over to Stalin.  We have watched how that worked out.  Now Trump is ready to rewrite everything and tear apart the FDR legacy.  The war of the Titans is on!
Uranus enters Taurus (rules banking) in March 2019 and suddenly the yield curve inverted, signaling a possible recession in the economy.  As I mentioned above, the Fed needed to intervene in mid September to fill a black hole in the overnight lending.  What could wreak havoc in the financial markets so suddenly that would throw the Fed off balance?  This is where the sh*t show starts to ramp up.  The Fed does not want you to know the mess they are in, so we are going to get bombarded by all manner of chaos.  The Covid virus is not nearly as bad as what is coming.  Tomorrow, May 11th, Mars transiting 28-29 degrees Aquarius is aligned with a black hole in outer space.  Money is getting sucked out of the system, it is the financials, they are a mess.  Stay tuned, I will be back, there is so much more I will be adding to this episode.

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