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In last weeks session the Long Term indicator for the Nasdaq flipped back to Bullish, another whipsaw as Jeff calls it.  since the beginning of the year there has not been a solid indication of any market trend.  Jeff has not in his 20 years of trading experienced a market with such a flat lining trend.  When he mentioned the term to me over the weekend I thought he was suggesting the market is ‘dead’.  Considering the lack of new stocks showing a Bullish divergence, he could be right.  We are also noticing a pattern with some index stocks that have a gap up of 10% or more on negative divergence.  General Electric (GE) did just that on Friday.  We saw the same type of move with Amazon and Priceline in recent months.  These are stocks that also have difficult astrology patterns that would normally suggest a Bearish trend and not a Bullish one.

Watch to see if head & shoulder pattern continues to develop on 60 min timeframe


The flat lining market is an eerie calm to what would, and should be, a declining trend to alert the public that monetary policy and government activities are not working to promote growth in the economy.  A declining market would move the debate into the public and that does not seem to be what the power elite want at this time.  The debate will become public in 2017 during the next presidential election.  Ironically, Hillary Clinton announced today that she is running for president.  America is under inexorable pressure as indicated in the Pluto opposition to the US Sun.  The only candidate that I see as a positive benefit for America is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.  There will likely be radical changes in the last 2 years of Obama’s presidency to preempt a Walker victory.  Be prepared for military drills on American soil this Fall that could look very much like Nazi Germany.  To learn more details about these coming events go to Alex Jones website at and search Jade Helm.

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