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The following is an excerpt from this weekend’s Astrology Traders update.

I feel as if I have been standing on a rooftop, shouting at the top of my lungs, hoping someone is listening to my warnings about the coming inflationary cycle.  Every other media outlet has been preoccupied with stories about another recession and deflationary cycle.  Well, its here-INFLATION.  On Friday the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released their monthly inflation report covering the 12 months ending in January indicating a massive jump in inflation.  The CPI rose by 2.21% while the CPI-U nearly doubled from 0.73% to 1/37%.  The core CPI has been raising just 1.98% since the year 2000.

This may explain why Senator Shelby was so precise with his questions for Yellen regarding her 2% inflation target during the Senate banking hearings earlier this month.  This also explains why the Fed did a rate hike in December-they are in panic mode.

This month’s move has shifted inflation from the bottom of the channel to mid-channel, so the short term trend appears to be up.  Read the full article


The Fed has manipulated all the data for years to perfect their agenda of wealth destruction in the middle class.  Suddenly their method may not be working, we have inflation (Jupiter square Saturn=supply and demand, combined with Neptune=manipulation and quagmires) This paradigm shift from a mathematically calculated deflationary cycle to unexpected Inflation likely reared its head last July with the first Jupiter/Saturn square.  A sudden shift in Fed talking points emerged quickly thereafter- something was happening they did not understand.  Then a downturn in the markets in August.  Something was up and the public was unaware, until now.

The Neptune influence with Jupiter and Saturn suggests the Fed is not in control of the inflation.  The economy is going to take on a path of its own and no one will be able to alter the course until a true humanitarian effort (Neptune) is in place to ensure peace and stop the wars.  Zero interest rates in America is an unproven experiment and will become a nightmare for anyone who attempts to push it through.  My advise is to keep funds out of savings accounts and defer to checking accounts with a strong credit union.  Checking accounts equate to on demand funds as opposed to savings accounts which could be more likely frozen in a banking crises.

February 22, 2016:  I have warned of a block to the sympathizers of war on this date.  There is also a full Moon on the same day.  A reversal in the markets and volatility is a strong possibility on Monday.



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