Astrology Update: March 2, 2014

The Markets

The Nasdaq timing signal has flipped bullish last week, leaving only the Dow Jones bearish.  According to Jeff, “the Dow still has quite a way to go before it would flip bullish”.  In my view we could see this happen in March.  There could also be weird moves on the Nasdaq at the same time.  We did get a strange sell off at the end of the day on the Nasdaq where the index suddenly dropped 67 points from the days high.  We are holding a strong cash position and I will continue to stress caution now.  I will continue to remind subscribers that we are approaching a significant shift for the United States and the markets.  The patterns that are forming in the heavens have never occurred in the nations history.  The Cardinal grand square in April will directly aspect the Sun at 13 degrees Cancer in the USA Chart.  The energy of the aspect diminishes the status and currency of the nation.

We cannot entirely predict the outcome, however, I can say that I do not see good aspects that suggest the markets are being held higher after April 13th.  In my view the correction that I identified beginning January 21st was the warning.  The bounce is offering the opportunity for the power elite to sell into the strength.  They use ‘dark pools’ to flow money out of positions while the government can flood the markets with liquidity.  Overall, Jeff’s scans are showing a lot of stocks making strong moves into resistance. 

lunarThe total lunar eclipse April 15th will T-square the Fed Neptune and USA Pluto (secret power structure of banking).  This is the opposite point of the lunar eclipse on October 18, 2013.  In my view, there are systemic problems within the banking sector that are becoming more dire.  Citigroup said on Friday it is restating its 2013 earnings to reflect write downs of $400 million in loans it discovered to be fraudulent in its Mexican operations.  There could be more trouble with its branches in Mexico as the FBI continues to look for additional criminal activity.  Citigroup is the third largest lender in the US, any new banking scandal will be significant for the financial sector.  The grand-cross mentioned above has Jupiter (bankers) conjoin the USA Sun (nations status).  This is not a favorable aspect and is symbolic of an evolutionary karmic return, a pattern that dates back to the 1930’s Great Depression.

Since I mentioned Robert Rubin last week, his association with former president Bill Clinton, and his efforts to dismantle Glass-Steagall, I should also remind subscribers about his former position as Chairman at Citigroup.  He did resign in 2009 amid much criticism after the financial crises.

Because the United States is the international leader, along with the dollar as reserve currency, the international implications of another potential default looming could be worse than Lehman’s in 2008.  The beneficiary is gold, and we could see a significant move for gold April 26th-May 23rd.

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