In my last update on May 24th I wrote that May 27th-28th should be noted for news regarding an increased demand for delivery on the Comex futures.  I also warned about the potential for chaos and losses with the Comex trading partners and futures traders.  As I predicted, on Thursday May 28th it all came to a head – gold futures traders declared their intent to deliver a record 2.8 million ounces of gold against the future June contract.  The largest daily delivery notice in the exchange data going back to 1994.
The news regarding gold is significant in my view, considering we have a very important eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer on June 21st that will oppose the Federal Reserve Sun (the Sun rules gold) at 01 degrees Capricorn – some type of demand for gold, or confiscation/transfer is in the works (behind the scenes planned tyranny = Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto conjunction in Capricorn).  The type of confiscation I am suggesting is not likely to be broadcast.  More like a transfer between nations on the threat of nuclear war.  The threat of a financial collapse and international conflict over gold could be earth shaking, literally, and the possibility of a large scale earthquake hitting California is a real possibility.  The Covid crises, the riots, are part of the sh*t show, but not likely the most critical yet.  We are all having to dodge danger – stay safe.  I had my firsthand experience with danger this weekend when traveling home on the freeway.  Suddenly all traffic came to a standstill when we were southbound near Milwaukee.  Cars in our direction began peeling out onto the emergency lane, driving in the wrong direction against traffic, and heading for the onramp to exit the freeway!  I realized we may not make it to the offramp another mile down, and doing a U-turn was the best option – crazy!  We got home safe and learned later that a car was set on fire in the southbound lanes.
Be prepared as best you can, be kind, be humanitarian, enjoy quality time with your families and friends.  We are moving quickly into a new normal where business, taxes, and accounting practices are going to change forever.  The Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction will bring new mandates, harsh judgements on criminal organizations, and new oversight into accounting practices.  It will be one extreme or another.  Either total corruption and a tearing apart of the Constitution, or mandated change upholding the law and Constitution.  With Pluto it’s always about transformation, one side or the other, but never in the middle.
   Karen Starich

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