By Karen Starich

US Dollar and Gold – Breakout Coming
In my May 10th update I highlighted the Mars transit at 28 degrees Aquarius as the signature for a financial black hole Astrology Update May 10, 2020.  The market bounce took a sudden reversal on May 11th – a sign that the stability of the financial sector and recovery is in question.  On May 11th – PNC announced the sale of its 22% stake in Blackrock.  Nancy Pelosi also stepped in and introduced another bill requesting Congress to approve an additional 3 trillion in stimulus.  In my view, the May 11th Mars transit, albeit short,  is important to note as a punctuation to an  important event that is a warning for the future.  The circumstances of the financial sector have not changed since May 11th. The Senate has yet to approve the bill and it looks to be getting some push back.  Last week I outlined the potential for war and the very rare Metonic series of solar eclipses at  0 degrees Cancer that initiated on June 21, 2001 Astrology Update May 17, 2020.  The second eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer will occur on June 21, 2020 and then every 19 years until June 21, 2058.  The Federal Reserve natal Sun is 01 degrees Capricorn, which means these eclipses will occur opposite the natal Sun position of the Fed chart.  A solar eclipse opposite a natal Sun is very debilitating and has a weakening effect.  The eclipse is also on the Cardinal Cross of world power and war, which means that in addition to its debilitating impact on the Fed, it will also wreck some havoc on the world scene with regard to currency trends and gold.  After all, the Sun rules gold!
Chaos is very likely in the Gold futures markets.  At the beginning of May the North Node transit at 0 Cancer was a prelude to the solar eclipse mentioned above.  The North Node transit coincided with an unprecedented dysfunction between the gold paper contract and physical price and caused a significant divergence, essentially there was no price discovery.  Huge losses hit the clearing houses and market brokerages, among them Interactive Brokers.  The CME group moved quickly to secure a 7 billion line of credit with the option for 10 billion to cover future losses in the event a Comex member should default.  If gold prices continue to move higher the counter party risk of defaults may well play out if the paper contract holders lose faith in the system and want physical delivery of gold.   The London and Comex trading platforms could very well get broken apart.
Next week I believe we will get a hint of what to expect going forward for Gold.  Near May 27th-28th and June 1st – watch for gold prices to move higher and news regarding increased demand for delivery – potential losses from Comex trading partners and futures traders.  It may just be news regarding concerns at this point, but listen closely – the threat of a break up is real.  June 10th – 13th – watch for gold to move higher.  Near June 15th and July 1st watch for demand for physical gold to accelerate – the situation is escalating here.

June 26th – Potentially very volatile.  An attempt to push gold prices down coupled with increased demand for physical – very chaotic.
July 1st-17th – Gold will likely see a pullback and consolidation for a move higher.
July 19th – Gold will likely rebound and move higher
August 14th – 17th Chaos for the London and Comex futures.  The CME may be adding to its line of credit.
September 30th – November 6th –  The Asteroid Ceres is retrograde at 29 degrees Aquarius.  The same degree I highlighted above with Mars on May 11th.  This is ominous for the Comex and suggests defaults are coming.  There is a potential crises with the Comex, that looks like it could break the trading platform, or more likely, permanently alter its functions – the Jupiter Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is opposite the Comex natal Pluto.  We will see significant changes near April 30, 2021 – May 3, 2021 – one year after the chaos on May 2nd of this year.  Ironically, or maybe not, a statue of Ceres stands atop the Chicago Trade building, home of the CME.


US Dollar
The potential for the dollar to have extraordinary moves in the second half of 2020 and into 2021 is very high.  Gold and the USD will likely become the assets to hold, along with real estate.  June 27th and near August 14th are important dates for the USD.  Near August 15th the dollar strength is likely having a negative impact on the Fed.  The trend continues into 2021, as with gold, Near May 2, 2021.
The strength of the dollar and gold are likely going to cause an earthquake – literally.
Pluto Conjoin Jupiter Oppose the USA Natal Mercury – June 30, 2020
The theme of this transit is – behind the scenes planned tyranny.  An attempt to reshuffle power, create new borders, redraw rules and laws.  The opposition in the natal USA chart will bring inexorable pressure on the people and we will likely see more than one crises evolving.   Bankruptcies, defaults, war, and a major earthquake – Mid August, it is a possibility. 
Some Good News 
On a positive note, the nodal pass over 0 degrees Cancer/Capricorn on May 1st produced a win for the people when the Wisconsin supreme court ruled to overturn the state governors mandate to extend the ‘stay at home’ orders until May 26th.  Madison WI is one of only two capital cities on the planet that sits at 0 degrees Capricorn in longitude – the other one is Merida Mexico, home of the Mayans.  Remember, 0 degrees Capricorn  is on the Cardinal Cross of world power and war.  This suggests any ruling by the supreme court in Madison is a significant matter for the planet.  Another resent Wisconsin supreme court decision, and  prelude to the Fall elections, was on April 6th, just one day before the Spring elections.
On April 6, 2020, the Wisconsin state supreme court voted 4-2 to enjoin an executive order issued earlier in the day by Governor Tony Evers (D) postponing in-person voting in the spring election, scheduled for April 7, 2020, to June 9, 2020. As a result, in-person voting was expected to take place as scheduled on April 7, 2020.

My observations are based on astrology and should not be considered investment advise.

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