Hey guys…quick message. I bought the Q’s today just before 2pm est when it seemed like everybody on Twitter was extremely bearish. I posted it on Twitter here http://twitter.com/zentrader and I also sent whatever insight I could from Agora today, and plan on doing the sameĀ for the rest of the week. If you don’t want to wait for my review and post review insights, you can get some tidbits there.

Not a prediction, but I have a feeling that this market wants to move higher. Still long SVR and Q.

I also wanted to tell you about this cool thing they’re going to do at the conference tomorrow evening. It’s called a Whiskey Bar Panel Discussion where they take some of the speakers and give them a few drinks and then take questions from the audience. I heard Barry Ritholtz made quite a splash last year with his bullish call and it’s always a crowd favorite among Agora members. No topic is off limits so if you want me to ask them a specific question, email me at zentrader@live.ca

I won’t have access to my blog, but I will to my email. If there is one question that really stands out, I’ll ask it (provided I don’t have one of my own).

Basically I’m giving you a chance to get anything answered from ecomonic policy, guns, taxes, war on capitalism…nothing is off limits.



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  1. kevin Says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I am also at the Agora conference for the first time. Chock full of good presenters the first day,
    If you have time, I would enjoy getting a chance to meet during one of the session breaks.

    Kevin (Portland)

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