By Jeff Pierce

I’m pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Ditto Trade, an online brokerage firm whose proprietary technology provides tradewithZEN subscribers the ability to act on my trade alerts in ways no other brokerage can. I’ve been live tweeting all my own personal trades to subscribers since June with impressive results.

June 2013 to Dec 1 2013:
    • 41 winners with the avg gain beingĀ 6.12%
    • 8 losers with the avg loss being 3.42%

With Ditto Trade, you can have alerts automatically executed in your trading account according to your personal pre-set parameters, or utilize Ditto Trade’s mobile app to receive alerts to your phone and act on them with your discretion. Either way you always maintain complete flexibility and control no matter what what your schedule is like during the trading day. No more missed trading opportunities!

Many of my subscribers have asked how they can more effectively utilize tradewithZEN to efficiently act on the trading alerts. I believe Ditto Trade provides a unique and innovative solution at low commission rates that will automate your trading.

At $6.95 per trade it won’t take that many trades to offset the subscription fee for this service, which is $50/month.

How-to Video

Click here for a brief instructional video demonstrating how Ditto Trade works.

Get Started Now!

I generally reserve the ability to mirror my portfolio to tradewithZEN subs, but if you only want the automated trading I’ll open it up to the public. I felt it important for you to know the reasoning behind these trades but maybe that isn’t necessary.

Step 1 – Activate your subscription
Step 2 – Open your Ditto Trade account

Call 1-877-99-DITTO or email if you have questions about how the service works. If you are serious and would like to have a brief conversation with me, contact

*30k minimum account recommended

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