By Michael Kuchar

There was once a time when trading in the stock market was exclusive to people working in financial institutions of repute, trading houses, and brokerages. With the advent of the internet, broker platforms, and online trading houses, all this has changed, and the ease with which you can join the stock market has increased. Of the many trading strategies, and mechanisms in use today, day trading can indeed turn out to be quite the lucrative career.

This being said, it is challenging for novices, and you must do thorough research, and perform your due diligence. Jumping on the stock day trading platform doesn’t make sense if you do not know what you are doing. Even the most seasoned of day traders can experience losses and hit rough patches. While equities and stocks are thought of as long-term investments, stock day trading provides an exciting opportunity for those who want to make quick money. But be careful, day trading stocks can be also quite risky as in most of your trades you are going to use leverage which is two-edged sword.

Short-term trades can be profitable, if your ability, and research matches your ambition. Before getting into the stock day trading market though, you must open an account on a Stock broker platform. We have made the task of choosing the best stock day trading platform easier for you. Here are a couple of the best stock broker platforms you must join today.

1. ETFinance – New but fierce broker

The ETFinance broker platform is licensed by the Cyprus-based, Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. While ETFinance is a relatively new stock day trading broker

(Having been launched in 2018), it has entered the market with flying colours. Their website is relatively easy to use, and does not come with the unnecessary gloss. Navigation is simple, comes with no needless text or advertising, and no overwhelming imagery.

One of the many perks of using ETFinance is that is offers its users a choice of several trading platforms. MT4 is a fascinating trading platform, which offers a slew of features that experienced traders will (and do) hold dear. Indicators, and useful tracking features make MT4 especially sought after, and make for ETFinance being an enjoyable stock day trading experience. When it comes to inexperienced traders, Webtrader is a browser-based trading application that enables smooth trade, with the apparent need to download any additional information.

The platform also provides its users world class customer support, for 24 hours a day, five days a week. The platform also supports multiple languages, which is essential, as the population of people using the stock day trading platform is distributed all over the world. According to this ETFinance review, the company requires a minimum deposit of 250 dollars to start trading. Having said this, there is also an option to open a free demo with the broker.

Pair this with no fees or commissions, as well pretty tight spreads, and you have an unmissable offer. The assets that you can trade on the platform include CFDs on Metals, Forex, Stocks, Indices and Commodities. The platform also provides for relevantinformation, necessary when it comes to learning about the trade and market, and content for research purposes as well. All in all, the platform is licensed, easy to use, and lenient, making for a perfect combination to start your stock day trading career.

2. IQ Option – Great offer for beginners

IQ option is another impressive trading platform, which is licensed, safe, and well- regulated. IQ Option is a safe bet when it comes to trading in CFDs and Forex. IQ Option too, comes under the jurisdiction of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange. It offers its users a platform which is updated with the latest available financial regulations, a website with an excellent level of functionality, and coordinated transparency. What’s more, the stock day trading platform ensures ease of navigation, and an intuitive user interface, essential for day trading.

Be it a novice, or a seasoned professional – IQ option has got you covered. The platform manages more than 15 Million accounts, and processes northwards of 3 million trades on a daily basis. The platform enjoys a trading volume of over $11 Billion on a monthly basis, and pays out over $5.7 Million to its users, on a monthly basis. Like ETFinance, IQ Option too comes with good customer service. You can start trading on the platform with a minimum deposit of just $10.

They reply to your queries in double quick time. The platform keeps an international outlook in mind, and provides for support in several languages, and accepts trades in several currencies. As does ETFinance, IQ Option too comes with a wealth of noteworthy information, indices, and trading resources, which makes spotting, and researching on trading options much easier.

Conclusion on the Best Brokers for Day Trading Stocks

When it comes to stock day trading, you must choose a platform which suits you best, and suffices your needs. ETFinance, and IQ Option are two fantastic options, which provide for security, a wealth of information, and several interesting features. Foraying into the trading market requires days of research, and you to perform your necessary due diligence. Choosing a reliable trading platform is a great start, and the above mentioned options are perfect to kick-start your stock day trading career.

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