Within tradewithZEN I teach my method for buying a very specific chart pattern on multiple time-frames while you develop one that suites your personality.  Here are some examples of recent trades. I’m not looking for home runs with these trade ideas but a slow, low risk, methodically way to pull profits out of the markets. Size will come as your equity curve increases over time. Remember to use smart money management skills and always invest the same amount for each stock so no one bad trade will hurt your overall performance.

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Takeover news can be a double edge sword. I like to take sure thing (profits) and move onto next trade.







5 Responses to “Recent tradewithZEN Stock Picks”

  1. Dan Krudys Says:

    Jeff, do you do options in your service?

  2. jeff pierce Says:

    If you’re referring to tradewithZEN, then I don’t personally but I know of a few subscribers that do. @chartlearning uses options so if you have any questions you could ask him how he uses the service w/ options.

    All About Trends has an options service if you are looking for something tailored for option trading. Again, @chartlearning uses Fun Money so you could ask him a question about that as well.

  3. Dan Krudys Says:

    Jeff, I have a short term long (feb) option position in EW. they report tonight, how does the chart look to you? thanks, Dan

  4. jeff pierce Says:

    Given that it’s gone nowhere for the last 2 months it makes it real hard to see an edge. If you are flat I’d sell as why take the risk.

  5. jeff pierce Says:

    hopefully you got out of that position. I see it’s off 4% this morning. very risky staying in stocks before earnings that are trendless. anything can happen.

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