Before I talk about these setups let’s put the big picture in perspective. Everything screams short term top when you see the resistance that is in store 20 points north of today’s close, but I am seeing some positive things in my charts that bode well for further gains (if we can consolidate for a few days). If we keep rallying without a pause, I don’t think this will end well.

Potential leaders if the bull returns:

BDI is a measure of the health of the world economy. One other reason to be bullish:


2 Responses to “A Few Breakout Candidates Emerge”

  1. Lioncub Says:

    I believe very soon Gold and Silver will break their short term resistances. If any downside is seen on friday, i would add to my p
    Fcx and copper will see downside till this friday.
    Expecting a volatile market into the weekend overall.

  2. jeff pierce Says:

    EXM up 17% today.

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