TBT has been slowly chugging along in an upward fashion since it bottomed in late summer. It’s possible we run into resistance around the $42.24 area, but if that’s breached, I believe we’re going to reach the apex of the previous triangle formation. Ever since TBT was created, it has never gone over the 70 level on the RSI (Relative Strength Index), and if that happens this could really gain some bullish traction.

You’ll have to click on the small chart to enlarge it because there’s too much detail to view in small mode. This has gone into a short term bull signal as it goes over 70, for the first time since December. It’s also broke above previous resistance at $40.56 and broke out of a 5 week consolidation. I like this on a pullback around $40 for a short term trade.

Below is my market video update for today.


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