Tweet By Jeff Pierce SVA has been on a tear since 2012 and has recently pulled back to work off some of it’s overbought condition. While there is a risk of this pulling back further, I think now is a good time to initiate a starter position as this could retest it’s highs in the […]


Tweet By Jeff Pierce WATT IPO’d in late March and after an initial run up it’s essentially been basing for the last 8 weeks. Today it is starting to move higher and if it can clear this base (and close above it) it could be a short trip back to recent highs. Keep this stock […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce 7.03 Update  6.10 – Energy stocks have been on a tear lately – (see EMES, CPN, VTNR, LNG) so this is a sector you should be focusing on when it has a pullback. ENG has a strong chart but it`s obviously overbought and I would not chase here. If the RSI can pullback […]


Tweet By Jeff Pierce Wow, it’s been awhile since I”ve done a post in this category but let’s face it, the market has been a real downer in terms of momentum trader. Many hi-flyers have been taken to the woodshed and now it’s time to dig in and see which ones we should forget about […]