Tweet By Jeff Pierce ALIM is a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the R&D and commercialization of prescription ophthalmic pharmaceuticals. It’s about ready to break out to new 2014 highs as soon as tomorrow and you can see that volume is definitely supporting each of the big moves higher. ALIM IPO’d in 2010 above $11 and […]


Tweet By Jeff Pierce This low volume stock could be one to watch as it ran up before earnings and after releasing them today it’s held it’s ground. I like this breakout with the strong move and if you are one to trade lower volume equities then this could be for you. I’m using an […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce This stock came up on my radar the last week of February when it rose on “new orders” as it sees increased demand for it’s products in the alternative energy field. I don’t generally look at stocks under 500k/day but this one is on the cusp as it’s adv is now […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce It seem like everyday this stock shows up on my screeners so I’m not going to deny it the moment in the spotlight it deserves any longer. We are definitely in a major bull market in phrama stocks as they always make up a big portion of my scan results. The […]