Tweet By Jeff Pierce Is this the Netflix of China? From Yahoo Finance: YOU On Demand Holdings, Inc., through its subsidiaries, provides integrated value-added service solution and platform for the delivery of pay-per-view, video on demand, and enhanced premium content for cable providers in the People’s Republic of China. Small float (11million) and on the […]


Tweet By Jeff Pierce Groupon tanked on Friday and LIVE didn’t. That tells you all you need to know that there is underlying strength in this stock that has a similar business plan as GRPN. This needs to pullback somewhere in the mid 6’s – mid 7’s before I’d consider entering a small long position, […]


Tweet By Jeff Pierce Dot Hill Systems (HILL) is a perfect example of a stock bouncing on it’s daily chart (not shown) where it should and displaying dominate strength to breakout on weekly chart . It has a new weekly closing multi-year highs. I’m more of a pullback buy trader so I won’t chase here, […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce I just discovered this stock over the weekend as I was going over 100’s of charts and this looks like a great long setup. Only problem is they release before the bell tomorrow, so it’s not really actionable unless it has an initial move to the downside as that could be […]