Tweet By Brien Satzinger I don’t know an entrepreneur who has branched out to do their own thing who has not taken their lumps.  I know quite a few personally and I have read a handful of biographies and all of them at one point or another had to experience pain.  They had to make […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce Below are two market internal indicators that are clearly showing distribution going on behind the scenes. The Nasdaq and Dow are at or near highs while these hi/low indicators are hitting levels not seen since December. Considering my bullish timing indicator flipped January 4th and that is when I turned bullish […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce Not a bull in sight as the markets struggle to keep the rally alive. With all the sentiment exiting the bullish stance will the market fool all the contributors here? To keep some continuity back on April 1st, Poly and Chris were calling for an 8-10% correction from those levels. Another […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce Time flies when the markets are making new highs. It’s been a whole month since our last sentiment poll on Zentrader. You can find that poll below in  related posts and at the time I was the most bullish with a Bullish rating on the markets with Karen and Chris being […]