Tweet By Chris Ebert There are millions of ways to analyze the stock market, but there are three simple ways of analyzing the S&P 500 through the options market. Covered Call trades are a good indicator of bullish or bearish sentiment, Long Call trades are a good indicator of bullish strength or weakness, and Long […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert As traders age, all eventually reach a point in their careers of dysfunction, where they cannot preform, very similar to the effects of erectile dysfunction, or E.D. They watch others ride stocks higher as the Dow soars to 21,000; and feel left out somehow. But it is not necessarily a permanent […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert The S&P 500 Temperature can be measured by comparing the actual current level of the S&P index to the level at which certain expiring $SPY options (Covered Calls opened at-the-money 4-months ago) would break even when they expire this week. When the Temperature is high, it signifies that the stock market […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert Stock prices recently had one of the longest rallies in history. But all traders know the rally won’t last forever. At some point folks are either going to get exhausted and sell their stocks to take profits, or else some sort of troubling economic news or perhaps some sort of unforeseen […]