Tweet By Timothy Patterson When the question of real estate investment arises, generally, people look for investing in large cities. They believe that investing in properties at large cities would fetch them return in shortest possible time. However, a person should also note that maintaining a property at such a location is expensive too. Don’t you want that […]

Tweet By Charlie Brown Perhaps you’ve seen the movie starring a young Tom Hanks – “The Money Pit,” whereby he struggles with the repairs in an old dilapidated mansion that’s falling to pieces. Seems like the perfect deal at first, but only until the staircase starts to collapse and the chimney caves in. There’s an important lesson to […]

Tweet  By Adelmar Adelmar Purchasing an office building is a great investment. You can rent office space and collect a sizable income for the rest of your life (assuming you continue to own the property). If you make the right investment choices, you can continue to charge higher and higher rents over the years, growing your income significantly and securing your […]

Tweet  By Adelmar Adelmar Some think of college as a rite of passage, but in reality, it is an investment. Some people make a poor investment by throwing tens of thousands of dollars at a useless degree like philosophy or liberal arts that they can never channel into a well-paying job that provides a decent return on that […]