Tweet NKLA I really like Nikola Corporation at the current level for a buy.  The stock has bounced off of support at $41 is near $50 in today’s trading.  The current Pluto Jupiter (big money) conjunction is also conjoin the founder Trevor Milton’s natal Jupiter in Capricorn.  The combination is a once in a lifetime […]

Tweet I have been writing about this eclipse for over a month, warning about the potential for war.  Each week I am seeing new reports suggesting an escalation between US and Russian military aircraft over the sea of Okhotsk, the northwestern section of the Pacific Ocean off Russia’s eastern coast.  The Russians took surveillance video […]

Tweet By Karen Starich The Markets Market volatility has picked up last week and today as the indexes have reached the pre-Covid highs. We will likely see the markets stall out here in anticipation of additional PPP money. I made a projection in the May 17th update – June 10th – 13th: Mars conjoin Neptune […]

Tweet By Participants in the global financial market use a wide variety of marketing moves to attract new customers, many of which help traders to conduct profitable operations. In the list of analytical tools, a live chart is considered one of the most effective and common “assistant”, which is of interest not only for beginners, but also […]