Tweet GOLD In my last update on May 24th I wrote that May 27th-28th should be noted for news regarding an increased demand for delivery on the Comex futures.  I also warned about the potential for chaos and losses with the Comex trading partners and futures traders.  As I predicted, on Thursday May 28th it […]

Tweet By Karen Starich US Dollar and Gold – Breakout Coming In my May 10th update I highlighted the Mars transit at 28 degrees Aquarius as the signature for a financial black hole Astrology Update May 10, 2020.  The market bounce took a sudden reversal on May 11th – a sign that the stability of […]

Tweet By Michael Adams How happy are you with your mortgage? Even if it’s been some time since you gave it a second thought, there are compelling reasons to compare the current contract with what you could lock in by refinancing it. This is true even if you’re not in the best place financially. There are a […]

Tweet By Karen Starich In last weeks update I warned about the Mars transit at 28-29 degrees Aquarius May 11th that would signify trouble for the financials – money going into a black hole.  My prediction became apparent on Monday, suddenly the markets got whiff of something amiss, started to sell off, and signaled the […]