Tweet By Charlie Brown Bridging caters for interim financing until the next stage of funding or permanent funding is obtained. The money from new financing is typically used to take out or pay back the bridging loan. Bridging loans are additional loans that are taken out on top of existing home loans until properties are sold and […]

Tweet By Charlie Brown Lawyers have been in existence since the ancient times. Their work was mainly to make rules and maintain order and peace in the communities. Nowadays, lawyers are found in every part of the globe and they represent people who have legal problems. In this demanding field, consumers need to find the best lawyer who […]

Tweet By Charlie Brown “Penny stocks” was a term initially attributed to stocks having a share price lower than one pound. Today, the phrase is used to cover stocks that value more than one pound. Penny stocks come with an allure of big profits at little cost! Recently, iOS smartphones have become a favorable ground to experiment […]

Tweet By Charlie Brown It is essential for all home buyers and owners to understand the protection that a homeowner’s policy provides. Home insurance offers financial protection against losses that result from accidents, theft and disasters. Standard policies consist of different types of coverage. These include coverage for the home structure, personal belongings, additional living expenses and liberty […]