Tweet By Jeff Pierce EMES put in a very bearish weekly candle today, taking out all of last weeks gains. This stock will likely see the low $90’s before $150, but all is not lost for the bulls. I do believe they will see their day again. Watch for a pullback down below $100 and/or […]


Tweet By Jeff Pierce Strong emerging markets indicate stability around the world which means the US markets could continue to rally. This has moved up slowly and is not overbought at all.   If I had a large long position I’d be looking to unload as this chart is all but saying it’s about to […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce The general markets have been on shaky grounds per my timing signal in March – June and while the markets have rallied since then it just as easily could have gone the other way. Trade setups were quite scare during that period, at least they were for me and the way […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce The markets continue to provide little opportunities to be long equities due to the fact there are no leaders and many stocks are also getting hit on earnings news. My stock scans each night have little worth reporting on and when you combine this with the fact my timing signal for […]