Tweet By Jeff Pierce First off –> Happy Holidays! As 2013 winds down I want to take a moment to tell you about some of the things  to look forward to in the coming year with tradewithZEN. I also would like to thank all subscribers (past & present) for your questions, interactions on twitter, and in […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce I wanted to touch upon the the subject of price targets and cutting losses as volatility can be scary for some who don’t have a clear cut trading strategy. Before I enter a trade I have specific target area as to where I think the stock may go. These expectations are […]


Tweet By Jeff Pierce These are two stocks that have caught my eye in recent days because of how they’ve reacted since reporting earnings. Keep your eye on these as I expect them to be higher 4-8 weeks from today based on their breakouts and longer term charts.  It’s also a big positive when these […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce Ever since Facebook released earnings last quarter this has been one of the leaders driving this market rally. So it makes sense to target this stock on any meaningful pullback. I added it to my premium watchlist tradewithZEN on 7.25 when it closed at $34.40. Some would say after rallying 15 […]