Tweet By Jeff Pierce After a stock releases earnings and it’s received favorably by investors, generally 2 things happen after the initial pop higher. 1. It just keeps going higher as in the example of FB below. 2. It pulls back briefly and then continues higher (GPN).     In both cases you need to […]


Tweet By Jeff Pierce This is far better than I thought it would be. I’ve never been a fan of Brand the entertainer, but the guy is well spoken and intelligent. While I don’t agree with every point it certainly is worth watching and it’s quite entertaining as well. The interviewer seems to be at […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce It’s hard to really trust the market moves when the Nasdaq screams higher and the Dow closes essentially flat and I want to point something out that could be key as we go into next week. Oct 18th – full moon (top?) Sept 19th – full moon (top in markets) July […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce I’m pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Ditto Trade, an online brokerage firm whose proprietary technology provides tradewithZEN subscribers the ability to act on my trade alerts in ways no other brokerage can. I’ve been live tweeting all my own personal trades to subscribers since June with impressive results. […]