By Chloe Weiss

It can be difficult enough marketing a business that has all-year-round appeal, so it can be a true challenge to promote a business whose appeal waxes and wanes with the seasons. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can promote your business in, as well as out of season.

Seasonal marketing

There are many types of business that can be considered seasonal, with the tourist industry representing the biggest sector. Tourism has its peak during the summer months, but your holiday- related business can feel like a ghost town once the season is over. It may not be just hoteliers and restaurateurs that suffer in this way. People in seasonal occupations can find themselves wondering what to do once the vacation season is over. Staying sociable is one way of promoting your business during the slow months. A ski instructor and photographer, Jim Decker’s twitter page provides an example of how you keep engaged with your customers even when they are not using your services, keeping you in the forefront of their minds so that it is you they turn to when the season comes around again.

You should use your website to grow your database of customers during the peak season. This is because your website should be buzzing at this time with customers and potential customers interested in what you are offering. Ensure that your website has a strong “call to action” on every page, which includes an invitation to subscribe to your mailing list or newsletter, coupled with a special offer for signing up. You should also be continually obtaining feedback from satisfied customers, that you can then add to the website as testimonials.

Whatever the time of year, you should still be making your website worth a visit by updating it with off- season content. For example, if you are a food producer of seasonal vegetables, you could fill your website out-of-season with recipes that include your food or complementary produce. Content of this kind helps to build a loyal audience that will refer to your website when the season is back in.

To generate revenue during the slow months, you could use your website to advertise special price offers to existing customers and perhaps those local to your business, helping to keep your company ticking over.

When you are thinking about marketing your business, you need to plan for the long-term and use your off-peak months to devise marketing strategies that will reopen the summer season with a bang.

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