By Catherine Willies

As we can see, email marketing has risen to be a more prominent and relevant online marketing strategy over time. Instagram, on the other hand, is the latest trend where you will find a lot of your potential customers roam around. While thinking of doing brand promotions through email or Instagram, now you have to be more careful and strategic about content development as it can decide the reach and future of your campaigns in meeting the actual purpose.

Let’s further explore the latest content development strategies for both e-mail marketing and Instagram as the two crucial pillars of your digital marketing infrastructure.

Email marketing

Before discussing the tips, let’s have a quick overview of how effective and critical email marketing for a business is to spend time on it.

– You should know that more than 60% of the emails are opened by the users on the go on mobile screens.

– On doing email promotions, the personalized emails do experience 14% higher click-through rates compared to the non-personalized emails.

How to prepare e-mail content?

We need to distinguish between the needs of email marketing from social media. Same content may not work well in all mediums. Email is a dedicated mode of communication to reach to a specific set of users you already knew. Keeping in this mind, consider the below functional tips.

– Make your content clear, not simply catchy

It is good to prepare catchy emails to grab attention, but the primary need is to make it clear enough for the audience to understand the content. So, make mails descriptive and focused as much as possible. Let the audience understand the purpose of your email.

– Your copy should justify the subject line

Many make the mistake of including a very catchy subject line to make the users open the mail, but the content intended for something different, which may further disappoint the consumers and also develop a sense of distrust towards your brand. So, remember that it is essential to deliver what you promise in email campaigns if you want to succeed on a long run.

Instagram content management

Instagram is expecting to cross one billion users in 2018, making it the most enthralling social media marketing platform for businesses of any sort with followers for Instagram.

While thinking of it, it is essential for a marketer to build a loyal and engaging audience to your brand and further to make use of it to slowly build the base. So, what is the essential component to achieving Instagram goals? Simply ‘quality content'. Here we will discuss how to create quality content for Instagram.

– Come up with unique content

Even though it is charming and tempting, for Instagram, it is better not to use the stock images. If you are short of good quality images, it is even a good idea to use your professional camera or even smartphone to do some random, but inspiring storytelling clicks.

– Stick around a focal point

Instagram is more of getting followers pause at your content at their feeds and further prompt them to get engaged with your content. Having a focal point will help the users to linger around your images to think about it. You can choose a unique event advertising template which will give a unique recognition for your content.

Hope these tips will help you to better drive your email and Instagram campaigns for more reach and returns traffic. Once if you start from these basics and keep a close eye on the statistics, it further becomes easier for an insightful marketer to fine tune the strategies based on the response.

Author bio: Catherine Willies is a digital marketing and email content marketing experts who are in this niche for more than a decade now. With many followers for Instagram, her articles on her personal blog do have a large number of followers.


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