Slope Ahead – …”Mean reversion and trend following are clearly engaged in battle” ~D. Hernquist

A Trader’s Guide to Hedging Strategies – Part III – “Predicting in rocky times is for suckers and masochists”

Silvers’ Looking for a Catalyst – Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about silver, but were afraid to ask.

Understanding the Bond Sell – Is this a buying opportunity?

Zen and the Art of Disciplined Tradingl – Trading is about learning to “close the gap” between theory and practice…

Jim Rogers Wants China Too! – (see video below for full effect)

“You have the memory of a gnat.”

“I  just want China….”

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Noteworthy tweets…

If u want to get long, u don’t want to see a rally here. @wwwstockrake
If you did not know it now you do – “the housing data is awful” – speaks to elasticity of demand mtg rates will NEVER EVER be lower. @hedgeye
Most traders make the mistake of trying to be active every day. Use your time to wait for the best few stocks to enter. Be very selective @danzanger
Bailouts don’t provide ROI @misstrade
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  1. Steve Says:

    More food for thought as it concerns Wall Street activities.

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