~As Founder and Managing Partner of Hayman Advisors, LP, J. Kyle Bass has proven himself to be one of the most well respected hedge fund managers and forecasters in the global investment community. Bass hit the headlines with his prescient trades in shorting the subprime mortgage market in 2007.


This video is unlisted at Youtube therefore I can’t embed it, but you can access it by clicking on this link.

Highlights that caught my ear

  • 100% of the private sector job creation over the last decade has come from the Government (healthcare, defense, education)
  • Why mandatory retirement planned savings in government bonds is asinine.
  • We have to wipe out debts…that is the only solution for a better future.
  • US credit market debt to GDP – chart
  • Unemployment duration at all time high – chart 1948-present
  • We printed 1.7 trillion last year (more than m1 existed in our system in 2008 and growth in retail sales barely moved)
  • There is no way out of Greece…they will have to restructure.
  • We have structural unemployment because we are not competitive.
  • The west will lose wealth and the emerging markets will gain wealth.

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