By Charlie Brown

Learn what it takes to make Money as a Translator

Over the years, professional translation has become one of the most lucrative ventures. Nearly every business entity that is spreading its wings to foreign countries needs translation services. This makes qualified translators some of the most sought after professionals. To become a professional, one needs to go beyond knowing two or three languages. Making money as a professional translator requires much more than being a bilingual speaker of two common languages; you need several requirements.

Professional Accreditation

One essential concept that many people miss out when it comes to professional translation is notable accreditation. To make money as a proven translator, you need to have certification to show that. There are so many people with perfect mastery of language semantics, grammar, and dialects. They can wake up one day and start replicating document content in other languages. What will separate you from them? Professional Certificates.

There are multiple colleges offering degree courses in translations. You can make this your starting point. There are other bodies offering professional certifications, you can also obtain your credentials from such schools.

Depending on your area of interest, you can enrol for a particular translational course. For instance, you can do Legal Translation, which deals with the judiciary and laws, or commercial translation that focuses on business documents and contracts. After getting your degree or certificate, ensure that you are certified by one of the National translation bodies.

Go for Language Proficiency Tests

In contemporary society, many translation agencies are calling for proof of language proficiency tests. It is one of the perfect ways of showing your clients that you have precise comprehension of the language under consideration. There is no better way of proving your fluency in a certain language than passing related language proficiency tests.

Try out tests such as Defence Language Proficiency Test shows your potential employers or customers that you not only have the available translation skills but also possess the necessary language capabilities.

Gain Valuable Work Experience

Before being to put money in your pocket as a professional translator, you must have notable experience. After getting essential accreditations and passing proficiency tests, you need enter the industry and put your knowledge and skills into practise. For the first few months, you should not focus on payments. Be interested in learning because soon after, professional orders will be knocking at your door.

Do not be so proud as to avoid free internships and less paid entry-level translation jobs. They are the basic for gaining valuable work experience that will enable you to work in leading translation agencies across the globe. While gaining the experience, set aside time to prepare samples and show them to potential clients. You will not only be marketing your services but also learning which areas you need to put more efforts on. Get recommendations from such clients and other referees before stepping out to market yourself as a professional translator. It is only after ding these that you can be certain of making substantial earning from professional translation services.

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