By Jeff Pierce

Below is the sentiment/bias of the major contributors at zentrader for the next 2 weeks. The majority of this group was very bullish for the last two weeks and the markets have rallied strongly. Another week, another lone bear in the group (Liz) as sentiment readings continue to be stretched. market.sentiment

All About Trends – Buy the pullbacks in individual issues at supports, moving averages, and trend lines as long and they are still structurally sound – above all don’t chase anything but allow them to come to you. – Neutral

Financial Tap – First looking for a pullback to 1,400 over the next 10 days.  This would mark a Daily Cycle Low. There doesn’t appear to be a single macroeconomic or political event that could stand between this market and all-time highs.  This is just another FED bubble, justified or not, that will not end well.  But currently, the market internals still look fine.  – Neutral Bullish

Liz DeMera –  (Very) Bearish

  • 55 Day MA on TRIN very low
  • Less new NYSE 52 Week Highs, yet higher in price
  • Ratio between HYG and SPX concerning
  • NYSE Summation has rolled over

Karen Starich – The markets could be very bullish this week.  Near February 14th we could see a very bullish move for the markets and I will highlight real estate and solar stocks. – Bullish

Jeff Pierce – All of my time frames for Dow and Nasdaq remain solidly up. Earlier in the week I felt that the markets needed to correct but after Friday’s rally in the Nasdaq I feel that we’re ready to push higher. The Dow may under-perform the Nasdaq over the next few weeks as techs take the lead. Even Apple may rally back to the $533 level before running into significant resistance. – Bullish

Chris Ebert – Covered call trading is profitable, that’s bullish. Long call trading is profitable, that’s really bullish. But long straddle trading is nearing profitability too, and that’s just too bullish. The major indexes have very little room to move higher before a correction would become highly probable.  Neutral Bullish

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