In the following video:

  • Why I still like the miners as a short despite the past few days.
  • A new sector that went on my short radar today with stock picks I like short.
  • Why I won’t make excuses for my trades because of trading biases.

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6 Responses to “Critical Point For The Miners”

  1. rajesh Says:

    silver as had view earlier. still same view. 26.3 stop target 32.will take it from there on.dow 11550 stop target 14080. position trade.

  2. Mike M. Says:

    good things come to those who wait…..

  3. J.Dostigan Says:

    Jeff- Gutsy and nicely done on ANV, NEM, GDX etc. Tip of the hat to you.

  4. Mike M. Says:

    nice job, any targets for ANV GDX—short-term

  5. jeff pierce Says:

    the trade isn’t a success yet. I need to see how it behaves over the next few days before I give any targets. just holding short for now.

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