Click on image to be taken to the free resource page where you’ll find this document I just uploaded.




7 Responses to “Darvas Interview via PDF”

  1. Dragos Says:

    Darvis ? I thought his name was DARVAS.

  2. Dragos Says:

    Indeed his name was Nicolas Darvas

    And one more thing – the picture represents Jesse Livermore

    Anyways, thanks for the article.
    All the best !

  3. newbie Says:

    Thanks but that looks like the boy plunger Jesse Livermore and not Darvas in the photo. Anyway, two of my heros for the price of one! Thanks again.

  4. Tom Larsen Says:

    I'm not getting the doc. Does the link still work?

  5. Daniel Andreas Nicho Says:

    wow i was just reading jesse's bio today after i finished his book last weekend. reminiscences of a stock operator. great read.

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