German markets broke out of a symmetrical triangle/wedge formation…however you interpret this, it has bullish implications. When world markets are confirming the strength in the U.S. markets, it’s a sign that the current trend remains up.

I also wanted to point out that I’ve included a link on the far right sidebar, under my blogroll, to my public stock list on Stockcharts. I try and include some trade ideas using the new 3 line break chart patterns on strong stocks that are undergoing a significant pullback along with other various sentiment charts I’ll be adding over time.

I want to see what sort of indicator this is in determining when to enter these stocks on a pullback. I blogged about SPRD the other day and felt that it was nearing support and it did bounce at that point exactly. Today the 3 line break chart flipped back up and theoretically it should be back on a buy signal. It will be interesting to see how accurate this charting technique is.


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