written by: jeff pierce

By Jeff Pierce

I’m pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Ditto Trade, an online brokerage firm whose proprietary technology providing a way for traders the ability to act on my trade alerts in ways no other brokerage can. I’ve been live tweeting all my own personal trades to tradewithZEN subscribers since June.

June 2013 to April 30th 2014:
  • 81 winners with avg gain being 6.12%
  • 20 losers with avg loss being 5.42%

These are real, live trades I’ve tweeted on the twitter feed that can be verified by any current subscriber.

With Ditto Trade, you can have alerts automatically executed in your trading account according to your personal pre-set parameters, or utilize Ditto Trade’s mobile app to receive alerts to your phone and act on them at your discretion. Either way you always maintain complete flexibility and control no matter what what your schedule is like during the trading day. No more missed trading opportunities!

Many of my subscribers have asked how they can more effectively utilize tradewithZEN to efficiently act on the trading alerts. I believe Ditto Trade provides a unique and innovative solution at low commission rates that will automate your trading.

At $6.95 per trade it won’t take that many trades to offset the subscription fee for this service, which is $50/month.

How-to Video

Click here for a brief instructional video demonstrating how Ditto Trade works.

Get Started Now!

This service is generally exclusive to tradewithZEN members but if you just wanted access to the trades to be placed in your account without knowing the trading methodology behind them then they only cost to you is $50/month.

  1. Click here to activate your subscription
  2. Apply for Ditto Trade Account

email info@dittotrade.com if you have questions about how the service works and their Accounts department can be reached at 1-877-993-4886. If you are serious and would like to have a brief conversation with me, contact tradewithzen@gmail.com.


*30k minimum is suggested. You run the risk of running out of money and not being able to participate in all the trades if your account is too small.

How you should structure your position sizes using a $100,000 account size with margin as an example – adjust for your account size.

  • Full sized position 10k and I generally scale in  third.
  • Speculative stocks (Under $8/share, lower volume, biotechs) should be at 1/2 a normal position.
  • Use margin during up cycles with my market timing signal. Reduce exposure, sell laggards during down cycles.

Very Important

I want to lay some very clear ground rules for those who decide to sign up and take these trades. Subscribing to this services allows you to mirror my trades and benefit from my expertise at trading momentum stocks. This is more of a hands off approach and suitable for those who want to diversify their portfolio or simply can’t be in fron of the computer all day.

It does not entitle you to email me every day and ask me about our current positions or what I think the market is going to do. Obviously I want you to contact me if there is something urgent you need addressed, but in the past I’ve been inundated with emails from clients and that just doesn’t work. I am a trader and I need to focus on the markets and on the next trade – for my account and yours. I do not have the time or inclination to babysit clients so if you are one that needs to be calmed when the markets get volatile then I advise you not to sign up. It’s my intent to help you build your wealth through this style of trading and I need to be on my A-game at all times. Hearing the fear in other traders could potentially influence me even at a subconscious level and I will not allow that to happen.

With that said I welcome you to tradewithZEN and Ditto Trade.

All the best,