By Charlie Brown

There are many ways to make money on the internet. One of these is by completing surveys. There are research companies which readily pay people to give their opinions on a variety of products or services. They provide surveys towards this effect. Surveys are simple questionnaires that are designed to collect information about various topics, target markets or products. Surveys are quite popular. This is because marketing companies are always trying to get more information about their products or services. As such, these companies pay people to give this feedback through special programs. An example of such a program is Survey Say. Read on to learn more about it.

What is Survey Say?

Survey Say is an affiliate program. It connects users to research companies that do surveys regularly. The program does not give you surveys directly. It simply matches you with other websites that can provide them. As such, Survey Say works like a middleman.

Upon registering and signing into Survey Say, you get a unique dashboard. This one shows you a variety of websites offering surveys that you can fill in. Here is a survey say review explaining more.

How do you begin on Survey Say?

To start working on Survey Say, you need to fill in a form. It asks for your personal details such as date of birth, email address, country and gender. It also asks you some questions about survey preferences. Survey Say does not require you to give a password to create your account.

Once you finish filling in this registration form, you are directed to your personal dashboard. There, you will find a collection of survey sites which are related to your profile. As you sign up to Survey Say, it is advisable that one uses a new email address which is different from your main one. This is so as to avoid spam email.

More details on how the Survey Say system works

As indicated above in this survey say review, when you join Survey Say, you are provided with a dashboard containing a number of survey sites on which you can work. You can proceed to register with these sites. As you do so, make sure to indicate:

1. Your preferences as a consumer
2. Your geographical location

These details are important because they determine the types of surveys which you will get. When you complete a survey on these sites successfully, you automatically earn points, gift rewards or cash. It is important to note that you have to complete quite a number of surveys before you can earn substantial amounts of money.

There is a minimum threshold for withdrawing money from Survey Say. When you achieve it, you can request a payment. The money that you have earned is withdrawn through PayPal. Any points which you earn can be redeemed for gift cards and shopping vouchers.


Survey Say is an affiliate program that helps people to earn money for their opinions. The site provides access to surveys that people can complete and earn money. Seeing as it asks for personal details such as one’s PayPal address, it is important for you to exercise caution while signing up to Survey Say or any other online earning platform.

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