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The Dollar continues to find a solid bid simply because it’s just far more attractive than all the others.  The move has been relentless and we know that currencies are known for these long and pronounced rallies (or declines).  This one is obviously no exception, so it really is difficult to predict when exactly the dollar will top.

From a Daily Cycle standpoint, the dollar has overheated.  It’s moved so relentlessly for so long that the divide between the 1st and the 2nd Daily Cycle has become somewhat blurred.  On the Investor Cycle chart, it’s been 8 solid weeks of advance and we’ve now entered the early timing bands for a possible Investor Cycle Top.  Now that we’ve comfortably made new IC highs (compared to last Cycle), the Dollar is aiming for that big 84.10 three Year Cycle high that was set last July.  Because dollar sentiment is running very high and the Investor Cycle is approaching a top, this brings into play a possible massive 3 Year Cycle double top.


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