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The Dollar

In my blog post a few days ago I described the conflict in the Ukraine as a scripted charade with the people of the Ukraine caught in the middle and played for the gain of the globalist agenda to unplug the dollar as the international reserve currency. The dollar continues to look very weak and could break support, going lower, in the next few weeks. The dates¬†June 20th-24th are particularly critical for the dollar— see my notes below for the short term move.. With Pluto (government) oppose the US Sun (currency) at 13 degrees Cancer (currency status of the nation) there is certainly a tug of war over the dollar’s status.


There is potential for the dollar to move lower, breaking support at 78.5. If support is broken here on a daily basis, we could see levels near 75. Jupiter will conjoin the Sun beginning April 10th and could bring some relief for the dollar, particularly near April 16th. At the same time we could see high volume moves, up and down, in the markets, similar to August of 2011.

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