By Charlie Brown

Before you love others, it is more important to love yourself and that too unconditionally, without any expectations. The love should emanate from the feeling of goodness only that does not care about making judgments. Think about how you feel when you look upon a newborn. You just look at it as a bundle of joy that can keep you happy even without being able to give anything to you. You develop the attitude of forgiveness by overlooking faults while concentrating only on the peace that you enjoy from loving yourself and others unconditionally. It is like loving and loving just because you do not know anything better.

When you attain the state of mind that enables you to shower unconditional love, you start enjoying an endless inner peace that leads to happiness. However, the important thing is that you have to acquire the attitude by practicing Metta meditation, the Buddhist meditation that foster kindness and love that you spread around to make the world a beautiful place for living. The act of love gives so much peace of mind that you would like to spread the message of love for a happy life.

Looking beyond self

Self-betterment is at the heart of many techniques of meditation except for love and kindness meditation that turns the focus on others. In this aspect, love and kindness medication is entirely different from techniques like Transcendental Meditation and many others where self-development and self – awareness is the only goal. Learning to be compassionate with yourself and others is the essence of love and kindness meditation that shows the way to love all without any expectations. Although you must learn to love yourself first and be kind to yourself, you develop the ability to be compassionate to others by practicing meditation of the Metta kind.

The benefits of love and kindness meditation

The compassion within you elevates your mind to a different level as you shower love and kindness that make others happy while gaining peace of mind. The warmth of the heart would melt even the most hardened soul as you overcome the barriers of hate and envy with ease. Also, you experience several health benefits by practicing the Buddhist meditation for love and kindness.

– It provides cure to PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) for people who have experienced severe trauma in life.
– You experience reduced anger and able to cope with anxiety much better while keeping it under control.
– Bodily inflammation reduces as you practice love and kindness meditation.

You will experience improved social relationships as you gain confidence in your ability to love others unconditionally. Above all, you become more empathetic as the sense of compassion and love grows within you.

The meditation teaches you to focus on the positive elements no matter how negative the situation might be. Although the meditation technique does not insulate you from pain, you can see through the negativity and build on the positive elements that make you forget the pain.

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